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Welcome to our Maogany website - 26 rue Jean Calot - Île des Saintes (97 137 Terre de Haut) - Guadeloupe

Blue Maogany Saintes - Unique models and Quality

Installé aux Saintes depuis de nombreuses années, le magasin MAOGANY développe des lignes de vêtements aux formes amples et aux couleurs vives faites à la main, pour Femmes et Hommes,  idéale pour les pays chauds (du simple top au  corsaire, de la jupe romantique à la robe de soirée, des chemises et pantalons larges et confortables...) . Vous trouverez aussi  les vrais chapeaux Panama en provenance directe d'Equateur et de très belles collections de Paris sans oublier les accessoires pour terminer toutes vos tenues d'exceptions.
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Caribbean Blue

The base color is still the blue Caribbean, lively and powerful. The color and the sea are essential in the lives of models that we offer. The shades are made to appreciate the inspiration and the colors of its natural environment. In the blue of the sea by a polarized sun rising, follow the gradient of the sky at the end of the day.
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Some of our Maogany models

Some models of our Panama Hats

Some of our Parisian designers models

Panama Hats

Click to zoom the imageOur hats are authentic Panama that we import directly from the equator.

The Panama hat is The Summer of reference for any lover of headgear!
Her ivory or bleached is already a real pleasure for the eye. Its natural texture is a delight for the eye as the touch, sometimes so close to the fabric so light on his head that we forget that it consists solely of straw and entirely handmade by the Indians' Ecuador.


Click to zoom the imageWe continuously expose paintings by artists of  "Les Saintes".

Currently you will find in our store exhibition of paintings by VINCENT Chantal you admire the talent and inspiration of a great artist.

Wireless Internet Access Point

Click to zoom the image We are the only point of access for wireless internet on the island of Les Saintes.

We offer packages for 24 hours a week, month and year. Ticket sales are made directly in our store.

One of the most beautiful bays

Composed of several islets, they are among the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Little paradise in the operetta scenery along a beautiful bay at the foot of a "sugar loaf". It is accessed by boat (from Three Rivers, Pointe-à-Pitre or Basse-Terre).

Good visit

There are few cars, the best way to visit is to rent a bike, scooter or motorcycle, or ... walking for the brave.
Mount Fort Napoleon which you will see, outside the exhibition, many iguanas and Chameau (309m), highest point where you have a circular view breathtaking.

The boat trip

The shortest crossing takes place for three rivers. It takes only 15-20 minutes.

The boats, yachts and cruises

From December to April, you will have the chance to admire the most beautiful yachts, the biggest cruise ships and many yachts.

Sites not to be missed

One of the most beautiful view and natural site of holy bread sugar.

The water is clear tellemnt he does not need a mask. Moreover, the coral and fish are abundant.


From beautiful beaches and coves around the island, where sometimes there is nobody.


You'll meet igouanes, lizards the size of a rabbit. They may be green or maroon

The clarity of the turquoise

The clear, clean water, will reveal the mysterious world of the Caribbean Sea. A real show where you can admire hundreds of colorful fish.

For those who do not have the ability or desire to plunge, this "mini-cruise" will be an introduction to the underwater beauties and memorable.

The authenticity of the site

The village charm and beauty of its houses


Recreational diving, diving pleasure, discover the fauna and flora of tropical reefs.
Baptism internship, adventure frameworks underwater fairytale.


It will delight fans of emotions and in the open seas (sea bream, tazar, catfish, etc. ...)

The exotic fruits and vegetables

A treat!
Lawyers, iniames, bananas, pineapples, lemons, etc. ...

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